Star Gazing Farm

Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary provides safe haven to abused, stray, and neglected farm animals

and offers educational programs and community service opportunities to young people.

The farm is located on 4 acres of rolling hills in Western Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Star Gazing Farm is a non profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible.
CFC#: 86412

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News & Events

Welcome to Emma and Mehitabel

We have recently brought two new wonderful animals to the farm:

Mehitabel is a 32 year old donkey who was seized in a cruelty case. She had not seen a vet or a farrier in over 12 years. She will need a lot of work on her hooves, but she is so sweet and beautiful. We believe she will make a good recovery.

Emma is a very tiny little sheep who needed some special attention. The local goats were stealing her food and she became quite puny. She also has some neurological damage to her hind legs. She is getting a great diet now and lots of TLC, and slowly making friends with our resident sheep.

Stay tuned for more updates on our new friends.

Sponsor Bob the Tractor

Bob is a Very Important Person on this farm, but he has recently had to undergo some tractor-type surgery.  He is such a vital part of the upkeep of the farm, that we are opening up sponsorship opportunities for him. Would you like to sponsor Bob?

Youth Shayne Carver speaks at church about service at Star Gazing Farm

shayne-2Young Shayne Carver has contributed mightily to Star Gazing Farm doing numerous construction projects.  Read what he said to his church congregation recently about his work here. [read more]


Time to feed your garden

Our beloved animals can help your garden grow!  We collect, compost, and regularly aerate and turn our piles to produce fantastic black gold for your gardens. The composted manure is FREE.  Bring buckets, bags, a pickup truck or a dump truck – we have a front loader and shovels.  Saturdays 9-2.

Animal Spotlight

Meet Kimiko

hopeface3Kimiko came to us severely abused, but has made an amazing comeback!  She is now trusting of people, and quite bossy when it comes to feeding time.  Despite what happened to her, she has obviously strength of character.  Her abuser went to jail.   Read more about Kimiko.

Volunteer Workdays

Workdays are held every Saturday from 9am to 2pm, year-round, rain or shine!

Volunteer Orientations

Saturday, June 18, 1-2 pm
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