Star Gazing Farm

Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary provides safe haven to abused, stray, and neglected farm animals

and offers educational programs and community service opportunities to young people.

The farm is located on 4 acres of rolling hills in Western Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Star Gazing Farm is a non profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible.
CFC#: 86412

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News & Events

Doubting Thomases

Gruff and BubbaNewest farm story!  The other day one of our volunteers was being mobbed by an unruly group of large ruminants. A few bystanders were trying to help her get into her truck without incident.  We were all having a great deal of trouble.  Well — upon further investigation, we found she had made the grave mistake of keeping cookies in her pockets.  COOKIES: no wonder.  She hurriedly and perhaps somewhat desperately tossed the cookies over the hood of the truck to me, took off down the driveway, and I, literally left holding the bag, made a beeline for the front door, buffeted from side to side by goat bodies, just barely making it to safety while still keeping my shoes on. [read more]

2020 Star Gazing Farm Wall Calendar

Order now!  Beautiful new 2020 calendar arriving soon!  This full-color, 17″ x 11″ wall calendar features 13 of our beautiful animals, and all sales go to benefit the sanctuary.  Calendars can be purchased at the farm or mailed directly to you.  Each month features a different animal at our sanctuary.  The cost is $15 per calendar (or $16.50 with shipping). [Order now!]

2019 Letters to Santa

Letters to SantaThey’re at it again!  The animals get to decide which 24 get to write to Santa Claus, one a day starting December 1.  Read their letters in their own words, find out what they are thinking about, and what gifts might just make their holidays really special! [see the letters!]

Animal Spotlight

Meet Fatty and Cracky

CrackyHi!  I’m Cracky and my brother is Fatty.  We are really big black cats who came here because our original farm was being sold.  We are not only great at rodent control, we charm all the visitors.  Fatty purrs (he snores too…) all the time and people think it’s cute.  But I’m much cuter because I’m so affectionate.

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Volunteer Workdays

Workdays are held every Saturday from 9am to 1pm, year-round, rain or shine. Volunteers wishing to come need to let us know by the Friday morning beforehand by emailing  Volunteers must have completed orientation and filled out paperwork before arriving to volunteer.

Volunteer Orientations

Our next volunteer orientations will be held on Saturday, February 15, and Saturday, February 29 from 1-2 pm . Please RSVP if you wish to attend.

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